Agricultural Science

Our work group has been applying diagnostic imaging tools for over 25 years in agricultural studies and education. In many cases we have performed ground breaking work in developing examining methodology in live animals and products of animal and plant origin.

We contribute to improving selection in animal husbandry (poultry species, rabbit and swine) by performing series of examinations to develop automatic segmentation software adapted to specific breeding goals. The examinations include almost all animal species farmed in the EU and some exotic species as well.

Our imaging studies in the field of plant physiology make it possible to perform morphological calculations (volume, surface) and to estimate the damage due to hidden plant pest organisms.

The Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (Kaposvár University)  ( is our main partner, but we also cooperate with other European research institutes and universities, such as: IRTA, Monells , Spain (; Danish Meat Research Institute, Taastrup, Denmark (; SRUC, Edinburgh, UK (; IFIP Institut du porc, Le Rheu Cedex, France (; Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Oberschleissheim, Germany (; Teageasc, Ashtown Food Research Centre, Ireland (; Max Rubner-Institut, Kulmbach, Germany (; Norsvin, Hamar, Norway (

As part of our research and development activities, we have participated in the following Hungarian and international projects and actions: EU 5 EUPIGCLASS – 2001-2004; NKFP 4/034 – 2001-2004; OTKA T034650 – 2001-2004; NKFP 024/2004 – 2005-2007; OTKA NNF-78840 – 2009-2011; TETRAKAP-TECH_08_A3/2-2008-0394 – 2009-2013; OTKA K-81690 – 2010-2015; GOP-1.1.1-11-2012/0179 – 2012-2014; TÁMOP-4.4.4.A-11/1KONV-2012-0039 – 2012-2014; GOP-1.1.1-11-2012/0132 – 2013-2014; FAIM EU COST FA1102 – 2011-2015.