Animal Model Studies

We set up an intervention laboratory and recruited a new team of researchers in 2001 and started performing animal model studies mainly in swine, to a lesser extent in sheep and rabbits. We perform surgical interventions or invasive cardiac catheterisation, monitor disease processes by state-of-the-art cross-sectional imaging and perform therapeutic trials with new drug molecules or novel therapeutic interventions.

Animal studies are performed mainly in the field of human medicine, but also in the fields of veterinary medicine and agricultural sciences.

Human studies focus on the field of cardiovascular diseases: implanting stents, creating myocardial infarctions by balloon occlusion, stem cell therapy, ablation, cardiac valve repair, pacemaker testing and aneurysm repair, detecting septal defects of the atrium or the ventricle. We also perform studies in other fields, e.g. we have opened the blood-brain barrier, detected emboli in the brain, studied injury of the rotator cuff and performed plastic surgery of the skin.

Veterinary research focuses on studying the development, prevention and treatment of animal diseases of economic importance (e.g. gastroesophageal reflux syndrome, atrophic rhinitis, fumonisin intoxications, diseases of the equine foot, etc.).

We perform our activities as research services or as part of a research program.

Beside our Hungarian partners (Állatorvostudományi Egyetem, Debreceni Egyetem, Kaposvári Egyetem, Pécsi Tudományegyetem, Semmelweis Egyetem, Szegedi Tudományegyetem), we also cooperate with universities (Harvard Medical School, Stanford University, Karolinska Institute, Zürich University, Hannover Medical University, Medizinische Universität Wien) and companies from abroad (Cardior Pharmaceuticals GmbH, Vetgenerics Research G.Ziv Ltd., Johnson & Johnson, Polyphor AG., Dfine Inc., Eurocor GmbH, ReVENT Inc., SurgRX Inc.).

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