Cross-sectional Anatomy

Thorough knowledge of the anatomy and structure of the studied region is indispensable for physicians, veterinarians and breeders in evaluating or compiling a report based on images obtained from CT, MR, angiography and ultrasound examinations. Cross-sectional anatomy projects and atlases serve as an aid in this task. We have completed a number of projects in this field: we have compiled cross-sectional anatomy atlases for the major production animals (swine, turkey), wild animals of major importance (deer) and companion animals (dog, cat). In these publications we have paired CT and MR images with anatomical images of the relevant sections and have identified and labelled the various organs in great detail.

The development of imaging modalities now makes it possible for us to obtain more and more detailed images. The obtained data can be displayed as high resolution 3D models, not only as 2D images. These advancements brought up the need of new platforms for accessing these atlases, such as online, interactive platforms (Vetfusion).

We provide the following options as part of our cross-sectional anatomy and imaging services:

  • Producing high resolution, specific (native, contrast enhanced, dual energy, 3D) image series (CT or MR) of domestic, wild or exotic species
  • Producing high resolution, professional quality cross-sectional anatomy images with state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Evaluating the images, arranging the series, precise identification and labelling of anatomical structures.
  • Preparing 3D reconstructions; fine tuning, repairing and printing the obtained models

3D reconstruction of the equine stifle joint, anterior view

3D reconstruction of the equine stifle joint, posterior view, without the femur

3D reconstruction of the canine skull

3D reconstruction of the equine skull

Cross-sectional image of the swine abdomen

Cross-sectional image of the turkey abdomen