MEDICOPUS Healthcare Services Public Benefit Non-profit Ltd.

Medicopus Ltd, governed by the Kaposi Mór Teaching Hospital of Somogy County, was joined by the Institute of Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Oncology in 2018 – the Institute formerly belonged to the University of Kaposvár.

About 100 000 animal studies have been performed on 33 animal species during the 30 years of research in the field of animal sciences, mainly focusing on the determination of body composition in animals and cardiovascular studies on animal models. There is international interest in studies on porcine myocardial infarction models, where the aim is to develop a therapy for experimentally induced (catheter) acute myocardial infarctions. We use PET/MR and PET/CT examinations in these studies, which is unique in preclinical animal model studies. Research in the field of cardiology is aimed at understanding cardiac infarctions and coronary disease with the help of PET/MR examination of swine models. Beside life sciences, significant research is being carried out in the field of material sciences, with focus on examining drill samples from new hydrocarbon exploration sites with CT imaging. We also test engine blocks and other parts for the automotive industry with CT.

We provide diagnostic services for small animals and exotic species and radiotherapy for treating cancer in pets. To ensure the high level of operations, the Institute has been operating according to the ISO 9001 MIR standards since 1998 and according to the ISO 14001:2004 KIR system since 2004. Compliance with GLP special management principles has been certified since 2017.