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Automotive Industry

To assess the structural integrity of a cast, it is necessary to know the state of the post-cast material structure, the operating conditions, and the process and extent of material damage under the specified operating conditions. The internal structure of the material after casting and working (initial state) can be determined by diagnostic tests.

Our research group has been working with non-destructive testing based radiography. The aim of these tests is to detect hidden flaws arising from the manufacturing process.

In many cases we use X-ray screening equipment to examine small sized, non-complex parts. Larger, more complex objects are examined with CT (Computer Tomography) equipment.

Cross-sectional images are evaluated with our proprietary software. We adapt software developments to the needs of our customers.

We compile a report of the detected flaws. If needed, we prepare 3D models of the examined parts and the detected flaws. This makes it easier to understand and visualize the shape and the size of the flaw as well as its location within the part.

Our Services:

  • Detecting casting defects:
    • Shrinkage cavity: A defect occurring due to shrinkage as the casting solidifies.
    • Cracking
    • Porosity
    • Inclusions
  • Measuring wall thickness
  • Testing joints (soldering or welding)
  • Quality testing of electrical devices
  • Geological investigations
  • Paleoradiological studies

Pouring metal defects:

Interactive 3D content

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3D models reconstructed from a CT image series of an aluminium disc and the inclusions detected within   Open

3D models reconstructed from a CT image series of an aluminium cylinder head and the inclusions detected within  Open

Document samples for download:

Demonstration of inclusions detected in an aluminium piston (pdf).

Results of wall thickness measurements (pdf).


Our partners:

Nemak Slovakia s.r.o.

Geological Investigations:


Paleoradiological studies: